The Truth About Synthetic Turf

dogs on artificial grass
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Red Chihuahua and Jack Russel Terrier dogs on ARTIFICIAL GRASS.

Metro Synthetic Turf Perth has been at the forefront of developing synthetic grass for landscape, gardens and play. We have a wide variety of the highest quality and most realistic fake grass. Whatever your needs, we have a fake lawn suitable for your needs. We offer you some of the most competitively priced fake lawns in the market. We’ve been in the business of installing and supplying synthetic grass for over 10 years and our helpful sales team is always available to advice you. Our business is credible therefore buy your synthetic grass with complete confidence.


· Residential or Garden Lawns

One of the major advantages with artificial lawns is the fact that you do not need to mow nor water it. These kinds of lawns are also mud free, therefore no more hard work. Fake lawn is lush and looks naturally green, realistic and verdant throughout the year no matter the weather conditions. Artificial lawns from Metro Synthetic Turf will transform your garden where you are fed up with mud and the mess that comes with natural grass. Not only does it look attractive, but it has a lifespan of over 20 years. During this period it stays VU stable, hassle free and does not fade.

· Fake Grass For Schools And Nurseries

Any playground for kids in schools needs to fit a specific standard. Outdoor surfaces such as woodchips, tarmac, or even natural grass can be unsafe or impractical for kids to play on. That is why we provide you with the popular alternative of artificial grass. Our playground grass is not only attractive, but can also withstand excessive and prolonged use. Apart from this, our artificial grass is cost-effective, long lasting, low maintenance and safe whenever a child trips and falls.

Since there has been a rise in the use of artificial grass in schools as surfaces in sports and for landscaping, our durable grass is worth considering. It offers soft landing for kids during play. Whether you use our artificial lawns as a patch of field grass or as playground grass, its range of benefits is worth it. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, this grass is incredibly practical and aesthetically pleasing. Above everything else it is safe.

High quality artificial lawns are accompanied by an impact absorbing substance known as grassflex underlay. We also provide wet pour rubbers surfaces in a variety of colors and sizes.

Artificial Lawns For Dogs

Any pet owner knows that every dog needs a patch of grass to call their own. But natural grass can be a headache for owners due to the fact that it finally ends up with muddy patches and bald and areas of withered grass. Therefore the best option is to use fake lawns. Our artificial lawns are quite easy to maintain and do not need replacing or repairing. Our fake grass is kind to your dog’s paws and durable enough to withstand even the most rowdy dog. Artificial lawns will look like a well-manicured and their long life expectance will be quite an investment.