Granite Benchtops – Perth Homeowners’ Valuable Tool In Making Good Use Of Large Kitchen Spaces

Many homeowners dream of having a large kitchen. But just like small kitchen spaces, large kitchen spaces pose unique problems for homeowners, builders and designers, including how to subdivide a property.

With a small kitchen space, the problem is how to maximise the available space in order to ensure that those preparing and cooking meals can move about with great ease and that the necessary ingredients are within easy reach through the wise use of cabinets and the proper placement of appliances.

The conventional view among homeowners is that a large kitchen space will allow them to work easier, which may not be entirely true. For designers, their main problem would be how to make the kitchen space more functional and to keep fixtures and appliances in close proximity to give greater ease for the residents.

One common remedy implemented by some designers is to utilise kitchen islands like granite benchtops. Perth residents, however, should know that having a large kitchen island has its drawbacks; chief of these is that it will entail kitchen users to take more steps in getting around the kitchen. Unless you have someone to attend to the cleaning of your kitchen, another drawback of having a large island is you’ll have relative difficulty in cleaning it. Finally, with a large kitchen island, you may have to deal with seams on the countertop material you will use, which can be very unattractive. Note that marble, granite and other common materials come in very specific sizes.

Of course, the idea of a large kitchen island can be a subjective matter, with the homeowner’s preferred kitchen design and lifestyle coming into play. As such, an experienced and expert designer will know how to remedy the problems associated with a large kitchen island.

One of the most common remedies for this problem is to utilise different heights for the benchtops. This will make the large kitchen space less imposing. Many designers also advise their clients to use wood for their benchtops because they can be customised to varying lengths and widths. Now, should you wish to make use of granite benchtops, opt for two benchtops instead of one that is too large. This eliminates the need to work and walk around a larger benchtop. In addition to this, you can easily assign and define work zones in the kitchen. You can use one for preparing meals while the other one can be assigned to entertain guests and family members.