Benefits of Using Synthetic Turf Perth

The artificial lawns first appeared in arenas and sport stadiums, but they soon found their way even to our yards. Synthetic turf perth consists usually of a composite material. This artificial material looks pretty much like any natural lawn, but has its own benefits, which will be detailed in  and in this article.

It requires less maintenance

Natural lawns require at least some degree of attention throughout the season. This includes mowing, watering, weed control, fertilizing and so on. Synthetic lawns, on the other side need virtually zero maintenance once it is properly installed. Therefore, having a synthetic turf perth is perfect for homes where there is a lower degree of attention present (like a weekend house) or somewhere where the residents are not able to take care of the natural lawn (if there are elderly or sick people living alone).

It is environmentally-friendly

Another great quality of artificial lawns is that they cause a minimum amount of negative impact on the environment. In the case of a natural lawn, you may have to use pesticides or toxic chemicals in order to quell the outbreak of weeds. This is not the case with synthetic lawns. Another benefit to the environment these lawns give is that you don’t need to use a lawn mower. Gas-powered lawn mowers can especially release different pollutants and with a synthetic lawn, you will be able to cut this down.

No watering is necessary

If you live in an area that suffers frequent droughts, or experience water restrictions, a synthetic lawn is your best option. While the natural lawn will need watering, especially during the summer and spring regularly, the synthetic lawn doesn’t. Cutting on the watering will help you save on the water bill, plus you will make however is in charge of this chore very happy.

They are durable

A synthetic lawn is highly durable. In fact, since it can handle 22+ players tramping around the field for two hours in their shoes (with screws and all), you can rest assured that it will handle any and all garden activities. This makes a “fake” lawn perfectly suited for installment in areas where you expect a lot of foot traffic. Also, they can be used in those areas of your garden where normal grass can’t grow.

So, to conclude. Although many people still prefer the natural lawn, there is no doubt that an artificial one has its many benefits. Once installed (and this is something that you can do yourself if you want to spend a little time and effort, or you can hire a professional to do that for you), artificial lawns require far less work than natural ones. Since they require no maintenance, they are perfect for homes where you can’t mow it regularly. They also need no watering and they are completely eco-friendly. Plus, you can have your kids play on the synthetic turf perth for as long as they want as neither will they damage it, nor do you need to fear that some bug or other could bite them.